What matters more than friendship?

I have a blog.  But I don’t write on it.  Why don’t I write on it?  Because nobody is writing back.  Why is nobody writing back?  Because I don’t write on it.  Thus the cycle goes, and so I have nothing on here.  When I write something, I publish it on my larger site, so this blog never gets attention.  And so I don’t have any public FNH friends.

Consider this an invitation.  I’m not afraid of debate.  If you have questions, even pointed or offensive questions, don’t worry about hurting my feelings.  If you have a note of thanks, don’t worry about over-inflating my ego.  I’m not feeling superior to anyone at the moment.  Write a note.  Ask a question.  Interact.  That’s what this is here for.  Who knows, you may make a few friends that you wouldn’t have otherwise had.  What matters more than friendship?

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