From Noah
    to Hercules

Research about the Origin of Mankind:

Who reads ancient source texts? I did. I was shocked to find how little of what we’re taught about the origin of mankind resembles what was taught by ancient historians. History shows us that we descend from one man. Though only a man, he was revered as a god. We know when he lived, what he did, and the names of his sons and grandsons, who were also deified as gods.

Before you close the page, remember that prejudice is powerful. My son decided he didn't like Cracker Jacks and refused to eat them. Be bigger than that. This issue is important. Read the Newton flier here.

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50,000 Year Old Ruins Do Not Exist!

Description of this site:
Pagan gods were once mortal men. This is the most obvious fact from ancient history that goes unreported by modern scholars.

Where do we come from?

The earliest histories about the origin of mankind almost always include the creation of man out of dirt by God. They tell of a global flood, a confusion of languages, and animal sacrifices as a means of being reconciled to the Creator. They show genealogies going back to men who were born on earth, reigned for centuries as kings, and were deified as gods. The ornate temples erected in their honor had foundations which were laid on dates known to the priests. There is an obvious connection between the gods of many cultures, from their birth stories to how they were overthrown to how they died, the only substantial difference being in the pronunciation of their name.

Many mythological stories are historically accurate if you remove some of the more fantastic elements. A plain reading of pagan history refutes the modern myth of evolution. The evidence presented here will affect your perspective, provided you take the time to look at it.

The links above will show you my research.

The links below will lead you to my sources.

Modern Historians:
After the Flood
  -  Many European kings descend from Noah
The Table of Nations
  -  The nations' founders were in Genesis
Compendium of World History vol.1
  -  Trace the prejudice of the modern historians,
      and identify some key figures of history.
Noah's Three Sons
  -  The nations descended from Noah (see also)
In the Minds of Men
  -  The Theory of Evolution has a history
  -  The early history of many nations

Older Historians:
Travels of Noah into Europe
  -  by Richard Lynche, (1601, London) more
An Universal History
  -  (1759, London)
Isaac Newton
  -  Newton wrote a lot about early history

Modern Science:
Do-While Jones
  -  Science falsifies evolution
Kent Hovind (Dr. Dino)
  -  Videos that show scientific problems for the ToE
In the Beginning
  -  A scientific model of the flood.
Convergent Evolution
  -  Evolving impossibly complex features the same way twice.

Ancient Historians:
Jasher (BC, Israel?)
Jubilees (BC, Israel?)
Eusebius (263–339 AD, Caesarea / Israel)
Josephus (37-100 AD, Jerusalem / Israel)
Diodorus Siculus (~ 50 BC, Sicily)
Strabo (63/64 BC–24 AD, Rome)
Herodotus (484-425 BC, Greece)
Dionysius of Halicarnassus (60-7 BC, Rome)
Pliny the Elder (23-79 AD, Rome)

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