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From an atheistic, naturalistic, science only world view, without supernatural intervention, these things, from the chemicals that created the sun, to the matter that makes up earth, to the ideas that go into making Rose Parade floats, to Harry Potter books, all of it happened by chance. We can advocate for whales, who have done fine without us for "millions of years", but what's the point of it? It happened by chance! Whether they die off, or whether we keep them safe for billions of years, it all happens by the roll of the dice, and not by our own design. There's no such thing as "our design" if there is only natural causes. It's all determined by random chance and collisions of particles. Rube Goldberg machines set out to make a completely simple task into a chore. The more steps, the better. They have to test those machines over and over again. At any point, if the process fails, the task doesn't get accomplished. Now compare the most complex Rube Goldberg machine with the simplest form of sexual reproduction. Going from one cell plus one cell to one combined cell, and all the steps that requires, from finding each other to sharing materials. Then they divide without completely splitting. They continue the process until they are fully grown and can reproduce again. A chain that has not been fully broken for a "billion" years, if you can believe it. Never has it occured that the steps have failed enough to stop the process. Something has always survived well enough to continue on. Compare that with a Rube Goldberg machine and marvel! In addition, it is said that we are strong enough to survive for billions of years, but we are so fragile that burning gas is going to destroy life as we know it. Which is it? Are we fragile, or are we robust? Not only is this a ridiculous world view, it's outrageous. It's impossible. It's worthy of a little sarcasm.

Many apologies to Star Wars fans. I would have added it, but it wasn't good enough for my slide show.

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